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An Announcement of Independence, and of Open Roads

On this day of São Jorge, vigilant warrior masque of Ogum, great opener of ways:

Salve bom povo!
With great pride and trust in Exu and Pomba Gira, and having completed over seven years of obligatory training as Tata Quimbanda in the Cabula Mavambo Ngbodi Nzila, also known as O Quarto Vermelho, in Minas Gerais, headed by Tata Sigatana, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, we announce that the Templo Hora Grande in New York is fully independent, duly and truly stirring with the fires of Exu, under the guidance of Tata Apokan. 
While the Temple has been independent for some time now, this year, which is the ten year anniversary of my initiation, I acknowledge and celebrate the lineage that allows for the axé and força received, through Tata Sigatana and ultimately from Lucio Paneque, Tata Negão, his Tata before him, and also publicly recognize the responsibility of the Temple under my care and guidance. The Temple now operates separately and has no continued relationship with the Cabula Mavambo …

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